Skills Growth and Practice

Skills Growth and Practice

BoardX Skill Growth and Practice Model for Contributors


BoardX is committed to creating an environment where contributors can grow their skills and apply them effectively in both their own projects and BoardX initiatives. The skill growth and practice model at BoardX is designed to help contributors enhance their expertise in key areas such as AI, Design Thinking, and their own domain knowledge. Here, we explain this model using the two charts provided.

BoardX Contributors Skills Growth Model

The skill growth model at BoardX focuses on three core areas: AI and BoardX, Design Thinking, and contributors' own domain knowledge. Each area contributes to the development of a well-rounded skill set that empowers contributors to become innovators.

  1. Your Own Domain Knowledge:
    • This is the foundation of the skills growth model. Contributors leverage their existing knowledge and experience from their full-time jobs.
    • Application: Contributors explore how BoardX and AI can augment their current work and collaboration, ensuring that their contributions are relevant and impactful.
  2. AI and BoardX:
    • This area focuses on the knowledge and skills related to AI and the BoardX platform, with a strong emphasis on GenAI skills and use cases.
    • Implementation: Contributors learn how AI can be integrated into their projects and how to use the visual collaboration tools provided by BoardX effectively.
  3. Design Thinking:
    • Design Thinking is about adopting a creative mindset, processes, and methods to solve complex problems and grow as innovators.
    • Practice: Opportunities are explored on how Design Thinking can augment the current problem-solving process and culture within contributors’ companies.

BoardX Innovator:

  • This is the ultimate goal for contributors. By integrating their domain knowledge, AI skills, and Design Thinking methodologies, contributors can become BoardX Innovators, driving forward impactful projects and innovations.

Workshops and Learning Opportunities:

  • BoardX offers workshops to help contributors learn AI, BoardX, and Design Thinking skills. This ensures they are equipped to solve real-world problems in communities and within their own companies.

Projects to Work On

To put these skills into practice, contributors can work on two categories of projects:

  1. Your Own Work and Projects:
    • Contributors can apply their enhanced skills to their existing job roles and personal projects. This not only benefits their career development but also brings innovative solutions to their work environment.
  2. AI and BoardX Projects:
    • Contributors can also work on specific BoardX projects, applying their skills in AI and Design Thinking to develop use cases and solutions that advance the company’s mission.

Overlap and Synergy:

  • There is a significant overlap between personal projects and BoardX projects. Contributors are encouraged to see how AI and BoardX can augment their current work, leading to a symbiotic relationship where both their career and BoardX benefit.

No Conflict with Career Development:

  • Joining BoardX as a contributor does not conflict with career development. The initial goal is to see how contributors can learn new skills and augment their current work. As they start to make effective contributions, they can transition to more significant roles within BoardX projects.

Develop a way to simply measure the progress


The BoardX skill growth and practice model is designed to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation. By focusing on domain knowledge, AI, and Design Thinking, contributors can develop into well-rounded innovators capable of tackling complex problems. The structured approach to working on both personal and BoardX projects ensures that contributors can apply their skills effectively, driving growth for both themselves and the company. This model not only enhances the contributors' professional journeys but also propels BoardX towards its vision of shaping the future of work.

Yanbin(Usam) Shen

Yanbin(Usam) Shen

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