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More than a digital whiteboard, BoardX's AI power makes innovation and collaboration delightful and efficient.

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Bring AI to your workflow

In Innovation, quantity leads to quality. Our AI-powered whiteboard generates a large pool of ideas in seconds for you to build creative solutions.

Moreover, with a wide variety of AI-powered commands prepared by us, you can explore creative ways to use AI and push the limit - no code needed.

  • Icon 1 Generate 10x ideas in 5 seconds
  • Icon 2 Synthesize notes with one click
  • Icon 3 Create images from text
  • Icon 4 Co-explore creative ways to leverage AI with BoardX

Get the most of your creative endeavors

BoardX is an integrated solution for collaboration. You can use it to host online meetings, store documents, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on tasks, and keep track of progress on your projects.

  • Icon 5 Access from any platform
  • Icon 6 Online workshops & meetings
  • Icon 7 Powerful templates
  • Icon 8 Centralize your workflow

Augment Creativity through native design thinking support

It's no wonder that design thinking has become so popular in recent years. It's an incredibly effective way to cultivate creativity and innovation.

So if you're looking for a way to take your team to the next level, design thinking is the way to go and BoardX can help land the innovation process and make it more scalable.

  • Icon 9 Powerful design-thinking templates
  • Icon 10 Centralize your workflow
  • Icon 11 Get your team up to speed
  • Icon 12 Insights at a glance

Create Engaging Stories with BoardX

Enjoy end-to-end support for your collaboration journey. Create engaging and interactive stories effortlessly with the support of AI and integrated tools that streamline the process of sharing your stories.


Open, Affordable, Scalable, and Secure

Yes, we're on the way to open source!

We're passionate about building a global open community to create better visual collaboration tools powered by AI. We believe this will help scale design thinking and augment human creativity to solve the big challenges ahead of us.