BoardX 0.6.0 Release Note

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of BoardX version 0.6.0, a major update that introduces numerous AI-powered features designed to augment both personal and team workflows. Below are brief introductions

You are invited to an AI experiment on BoardX

In a world where Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent, how could AI help us be more creative and productive? Let's do an experiment to see how BoardX AI can help

BoardX 0.2.3 Release Notes

Hello everyone, We're excited to announce that BoardX 0.2.3 has been taggged and released on 2022-09-13 with following 5 features added, 6 improvements and 24 bugs fixes. AI: Text to Image

Why I created BoardX

Hello, I am Usam Shen, the founder and CEO of BoardX. Welcome to BoardX. I was asked many times why I created BoardX. I bet you may have the same question. I would