The Possibilities of Using ChatGPT with BoardX

The Possibilities of Using ChatGPT with BoardX

BoardX is a digital whiteboard that combines the power of AI with the convenience of a traditional whiteboard. This combination makes it an incredibly powerful tool for facilitating collaboration and innovation. In this blog, we will explore the possibilities of using ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, with BoardX to enhance its capabilities even further.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a large language model that has been trained on a massive amount of text data. This allows it to generate text that is highly coherent and natural sounding. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including generating responses to user input, summarizing long documents, and even generating entire documents from scratch.

You can take a look at ChatGPT by visiting this website.

How Can ChatGPT be Used with BoardX?

There are several ways that ChatGPT can be used with BoardX to enhance its capabilities. Here are a few possibilities:

Generating Ideas

ChatGPT can be used to generate new ideas and suggestions based on the information entered onto the BoardX whiteboard. This can be particularly useful during brainstorming sessions, where the goal is to come up with as many ideas as possible. ChatGPT can help generate a steady stream of ideas, allowing the participants to focus on evaluating and refining them rather than having to come up with them all on their own.

BoardX has support content creation based on OpenAI's text-davinci-003 model, which is fine-tuned over GPT3. ChatGPT is GPT 3.5 and is more powerful than GPT3, we will upgrade content creation model from text-davinci-003 to ChatGPT in the short future.

Summarizing Information

BoardX is a great tool for organizing and visualizing information. However, sometimes there may be too much information to easily understand at a glance. In these cases, ChatGPT can be used to summarize the information on the whiteboard, making it easier to understand and digest.

BoardX's digital whiteboard is more likely an unstructured data. It's suitable for collaboration and ideas brainstorming but is a poor format for reading. With the help of ChatGPT, we can convert BoardX's boardx into document.

Providing Additional Information

ChatGPT can also be used to provide additional information and context related to the information on the whiteboard. For example, if a user enters a term or concept onto the whiteboard, ChatGPT can be used to provide a definition or additional information about that term. This can help deepen the understanding of the information being discussed and facilitate more productive discussions.

ChatGPT can be an AI assistant floating on the board like a real user to help the realtime collabration continue on the board.


In conclusion, the possibilities of using ChatGPT with BoardX are vast. By combining the power of AI with the convenience of a digital whiteboard, BoardX becomes an even more powerful tool for facilitating collaboration and innovation. Whether it's generating new ideas, summarizing information, or providing additional context, ChatGPT can help make the most of BoardX's capabilities.