Harnessing the Power of BoardX AI: Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration

Harnessing the Power of BoardX AI: Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration
Photo by Anthony Indraus / Unsplash

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) transforms industries and redefines productivity, Andrew Ng's assertion that "AI is the new electricity" has never been more relevant. Like electricity revolutionized the 20th century, AI is poised to illuminate the 21st, transforming how we work, create, and collaborate. BoardX, at the forefront of this revolution, offers a digital workspace designed to lower the barrier for individuals and teams to leverage this new electricity, unleashing unparalleled creativity and innovation.

The Mission: Making AI Accessible to All

BoardX's mission is to democratize AI, making it as accessible and integral to our daily tasks as electricity is to our homes and workplaces. By embedding AI within a collaborative digital workspace, BoardX ensures that individuals and teams can harness AI's power without needing specialized knowledge. This approach democratizes innovation, enabling users to focus on their creative visions rather than the complexities of the technology itself.

AI for Work: Meet Ava, Your AI Assistant

At the heart of BoardX's AI offerings is Ava, an AI assistant designed to enhance your productivity and creativity. Ava can be accessed from the top left navigation bar, providing a seamless integration into your workflow. Similar to ChatGPT but uniquely tailored for BoardX, Ava supports input in text, audio, and image formats, allowing for a diverse range of interactions.

AI Assistant menu
  • Text: Type your queries or commands directly into the chat interface.
  • Audio: Click the microphone button at the bottom input area to speak to Ava.
  • Image: Upload images for analysis or inspiration by clicking the image icon


Personalized AI Interactions on Your Board

When you log into a board, you'll find the Ava icon at the bottom right. Opening it reveals a window where you can interact with Ava in privacy, ensuring your brainstorming sessions and content summaries remain confidential. If you select content on your board, Ava becomes contextually aware, offering insights and suggestions related to the selected material.

Expanding AI Interaction with Widgets

BoardX extends AI functionality to widgets on your board. By selecting a widget and clicking the AI assistant button in the menu, you unlock a suite of AI features for text, image, and audio content. This content is directly shared with your team, fostering collaboration. The interface prioritizes recently used AI functions and allows you to add favorites for quick access. For broader exploration, a search function helps you discover AI features by keywords.

The Future of AI in BoardX

Looking ahead, BoardX is committed to expanding its AI capabilities. Future updates will include:

  • Custom AI Functions: Tailor AI features for specific use cases, enhancing the relevance and impact of AI assistance.
  • Data Connectivity and Visualization: Integrate and visualize data within visual templates, making complex information accessible and actionable.
  • AI Agent Augmentation: Enhance the chat with AI agents, offering deeper insights and automation.
  • Organization-specific Customization: Customize AI features to fit the unique needs and workflows of your organization.


BoardX's vision is to make AI as ubiquitous and straightforward as electricity, transforming how we collaborate, innovate, and create. By providing tools like Ava and expanding AI functionalities, BoardX is not just a digital workspace but a catalyst for creativity and collaboration. As we continue to build and improve upon these features, we invite you to explore the possibilities, provide feedback, and join us in shaping a future where AI empowers everyone to achieve their fullest potential.